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Our Research:

Our work sits at the interface between virology, immunology, epigenetics and chromatin biology. We use functional genetic and proteomic technologies to study intracellular signaling pathways. In particular we are interested in how viruses interact with, and evade recognition of, the human immune system. Prominent among our interests are:


1          Identification of novel epigenetic pathways for silencing intra- and extra-chromosomal DNA.


2          The application of unbiased quantitative proteomics for understanding how viruses remodel the infected cell


3          The identification of novel pathways of viral and endogenous regulation of MHC-I antigen presentation pathways and how viruses evade them


4          Genetic dissection of the role of ubiquitin and ubiquitin signaling pathways in the regulation of cellular                    homeostasis.

We are strongly committed to equality and inclusion and you can find out more about our values here.

We are always happy to discuss our work further, if you wish to get in touch or arrange a collaboration please email us using our contact page

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