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Our Values

Our group is composed of individuals from diverse scientific and personal backgrounds who bring their talents, willingness to strive, and work ethic to all our activities. We are committed to treating each other with respect, dignity, fairness, caring, equality, to help build and maintain each other’s self-esteem, and to support each other in our collective achievements. 

We are also committed to mentoring students across all career stages so that they develop relevant scientific and laboratory skills as well as other vital career skills required to succeed in diverse careers.  Paul Lehner and all members of the Lehner lab support students pursuing career training activities (e.g. teaching, writing, presenting) outside of lab.  PhD trainees in our lab win awards and have gone on to distinguished careers at Cambridge, the UK and abroad.

The Lehner Group and its members are keen to showcase the opportunities afforded by a career in science. We offer lab tours for sixth form groups, visits to local schools, and have hosted students for work experience. If you are a student or teacher interested in finding out more about our outreach work, please email us using the contact page

You can find more information on the University of Cambridge's equality, diversity and inclusion commitments here.

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